ISO 26262 Gap Analysis:

Understanding, Leveraging, and Closing your ISO 26262 Gaps


ISO 26262 Gap Analysis by Fuzion26262 is the best choice for closing ISO 26262 gaps and improving your development team’s ISO 26262 success.  Fuzion26262’s gap analysis identifies the gaps in your automotive software/hardware development and provides detailed instructions and ISO 26262 best-practices to close them:

  • Fuzion26262’s proprietary materials and checklists assess your prior and current engineering development
  • Onsite presentation of vital ISO 26262 required activities and artifacts
  • Private interviews with your key personnel
  • Onsite analysis of your engineering:
    • Plans
    • Processes
    • Requirements, Design, Code, Tests, Traceability
    • Configuration Management
    • Quality Assurance
  • Explanation of ISO 26262 requirements for all the above
  • Explanation of ISO 26262 Industry Best Practices & Tools for all the above
  • Explanation/Recommendations for incorporating new technologies into your company/product 
  • Offsite analysis (7-9 days) of the above by Fuzion26262 senior engineers
  • Preparation and presentation of a detailed ISO 26262 Gap Analysis Report (typically 40+ pages) containing:
    • Summary of your company’s strength and weaknesses vis-à-vis ISO 26262
    • Specific methods to reduce ISO 26262 cost and schedule for your project
    • Specific cost estimate details for all phases of your project
    • Details of your ISO 26262 Gaps and how best to fill them
    • Top risks facing your company/project and how best to mitigate them
    • Detailed audit findings on hundreds of minute ISO 26262 aspects.


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